Best bathtubs for babies, bath seats for 6-month-old and bath supports
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16 Best Bathtubs for Babies, Bath Seats for 6-Month-Old & Bath Supports

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Giving a bath to your baby for the first time may be challenging but also it is a very loving and caring experience. Many parents wonder how to bathe a baby, what would be the first and only essentials you need to use for your baby’s skin, and finally what baby tub for bath is the most suitable for my child.

Let’s find out the role of baby bathtubs and if we should avoid them. In this article, we will discuss the way bathtubs work, their types, and introduce the best bathtubs for babies, bath seats for 6-month-old, and bath supports that are currently available on the market.

Are baby bathtubs necessary?

This is a good question. And the answer is that it entirely depends on you and the available space you have. There is a variety of options that include but are not limited to baby bath supports, seats for babies in bath, soft foam inserts for the sink, and much more.

1. Give a sponge bath instead

A newborn doesn’t need to take a bath during her first month of life. Before your baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, it is a good option to give a sponge bath. Usually, it takes seven days to three weeks to get rid of the cord stump. You can use a warm damp washcloth for it.

See the instructions here!

2. Consider the space at your house

Consider what space you have got and so what type of bath is suitable for you. If you don’t have a bathtub at home, it is preferable to get a special baby bathtub for your convenience. More about it is below.

3. Keep your baby safe at all times

It is important that you and your baby feel safe during bath time. If you bathe your child alone with no support from your partner, it may be hard in the beginning as you will need to be able to hold her head with one hand while washing, rinsing, and drying with the other.

In this case, bathtubs with special accessories, such as slings and bath seats for babies are extremely helpful.

Note: Never leave your baby unattended during the bath time!

4. Parent convenience

It is really that convenient to have a bathtub. Trying to open the gel’s lid, squeeze the content, put it back with only one hand is challenging. You then should turn the baby paying particular attention to specific areas to wash. Add to this job a potential baby cry, and the process may get quite stressful and unpleasant.

Read More:

5. A baby bathtub can save you lots of hassle

Not to mention that the parent position is important while bathing a baby. You should not only consider the place where you are going to bathe your baby but also think about how you are going to achieve it because your posture is everything.

Some baths include bath seats for toddlers, some baths are made for your sink, and some baths can be placed on any stable surface at your house, such as a dining table, so it is comfortable for you to stand and focus on the process of bathing a baby. Consider bath seats with suction cups to increase your baby’s safety.

How do you bathe a newborn?

Wonder how to bathe your baby for the first time? Here is the step-by-step guide, including your bathing time at the hospital, safety tips, and a video tutorial.

When do you need a baby bathtub?

You can get baby bathtubs for newborns right from the beginning. Most of the baths are designed from the baby’s birth up to six months of age. There are also baby bathtubs that easily convert as your baby grows and is suitable for up to two to six years of age. These types of bathtubs include bath seats for babies 6 months plus.

Baby bathtub types

1. Traditional baby bathtubs

Traditional baby bathtubs are a miniature versions of our bathtubs in a bathroom. They are usually made from sturdy plastic and depending on their size can be used in a kitchen sink, on the floor, or in your bathtub alone.

They are also shaped to support your baby’s head and shoulders. Some bathtubs for toddlers and babies contain a built-in seat, comfy sling, and even temperature controller. See below the list of baby bathtubs.

This type of bath can be used through your baby’s first two years.

2. Baby bath supports

If you do not have space to store a tiny baby bathtub, you can always go for a baby bath support. This is used in a full-sized bathtub and is more like a bath seat. It is ok to use them from an early age because this support lets your baby actually lie back on a specially shaped base.

The only downside is that it generally requires more water. Also, it is more convenient to take a bath together rather than bending over during bath time.

3. Bath supports, seats, and baby bathtubs for sink

When your baby is so tiny, it may be scary for some parents to bathe her in a huge bathtub. It is very common to use a sink during the first 2-3 months. To provide a safe and clean environment for your newborn, it is highly recommended to use foam inserts that you slip into the sink.

Of course, you will benefit from a comfortable standing position, and all the baby essentials will be next to you.

These foam or soft plastic inserts are usually used up to six months of age.

4. Convertible tubs

These are the coolest bathtubs that convert from a newborn bathtub with a sling to a traditional basin bathtub. Some of the convertible bathtubs offer additional features to improve your experience.

For more bathing items, click on the image and check our store designed especially for you and your baby!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shop-icon-1-1024x1024.jpeg

5. Bucket-style baths

This type of bath looks like a large transparent bucket or a vase and ensures your baby is in a seated position at all times. For some parents it may look awkward, however, a baby tub bucket may help your baby with colic pain. It also reminds your newborn of the womb and provides a soothing and safe feeling.

6. Inflatable baths

There is also an inflatable bath on the market which reminds a mini paddling pool. However, it may be quite unstable and is not recommended for newborns or babies under one year of age.

Instead, toddlers absolutely love inflatable baths!

Consider these 8 important baby bath tips when you bathe a baby!

How do I choose a baby bath?

It all depends on what you want, your baby’s needs, and the space you have.

1. Budget

Consider the budget you wish to spend on a bathtub for kids. There are quite good options for a very reasonable price.

2. Space

As discussed before, think about where you are going to use it. If you have a shower room in your house, the baby bathtub will be very handy, unless you wish to shower with a baby. You can also use the baby bathtub in a living or nursery room providing that the room temperature is warm enough for your baby to take a bath.

3. Storage

It is important to think about where you are going to store a bathtub. Some bathtubs come with a hook, some folds; bath supports for babies require little space too.

4. Usage time

Think about how long you would like your baby to use the baby bathtub. If you need a tub for the first six months, maybe a simple solution is all you need.

5. Additional features

Nowadays, lots of baby bathtubs come with extra values, such as a built-in showerhead or baby tub thermometer. Some baths weigh your baby too which is quite handy for parents that need to control their baby’s weight during the first months of their life.

There are several different types of baby baths to choose from. Let’s take a close look!

16 Best Bathtubs for Babies, Bath Seats for 6-Month-Old and Bath Supports on the Market

Amazing Baby Bath Supports

Angelcare Bath Support

This is a great baby bath support. It is made from a very soft mesh material that allows water to drain easily, and it feels super comfy for your baby.

You can place it directly into a bathtub or a single basin sink larger than 23 x 14 inches. Plus, I like the fact that the designer thought of a special loop at the top, so you can hang the support up for convenient storage and easy drying. It has great value for money too.

Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub is very similar to Angelcare but adds a great feature that makes this tub a bit more expensive. It has a drain at the end of the tub which allows all the dirty water to come out directly out of the tub.

While you need to place most of the bath supports in a sink or a bathtub, the Munchkin tub doesn’t require it at all. You can put it on a table and drain the water after, or you can place it next to a sink for easier water removal during bathing your baby.

It also separates into two parts for an easy clean and so it is quite convenient to store too.

Unique Foldable Bathtub Designs

Stokke Flexibath with Heat Sensitive Plug

This bath is an absolute must-to-have in case you do not have a bathtub at home or, what is more important, you have absolutely no space to store any types of bulky baby bathtubs. This product is for real minimalists, and it is very well-designed to serve its purpose.

Flexibath is a quite light and easily foldable bath. It also has a non-slip base which is very important when it comes to your child’s safety. But the best thing about this bath is that it has a heat-sensitive plug that turns into three colors to let you know the water temperature: black = oops, too cold! purple = nicely warm; pinkish-red = hey, too hot!

Product Dimensions:

66.04 x 34.8 x 23.88 cm; 1.39 Kilograms (extremely light!)

Weylan Tec Large Foldable Bathtub

Another option among all the foldable baby bathtubs I love is Weylan Tec. It is huge that easily can fit a baby, toddler, twins, or even an adult. In case you do not have a bath at all, it may a good solution. It also can be good for travelers and campers.

Product Information:

Unlike the Stokke Flexibath, it weighs slightly more – almost 6 kg (14.55 pounds).

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Boon Naked baby bathtub is an absolutely cute and well-designed product for your baby. It is unbelievable how compact it is. Smart design allows you to use this tub from birth by controlling the position of the tub with a brace on the bottom. Click on the button to see the tutorial.

It also adds extra features, such as a hook for easy storage and drying and a plug to drain the water.

Product Dimensions: 33 x 18.25 x 6.5 inches

Product Weight: 6.16 pounds

Incredible Baby Bathtub Solutions and Bath Seats for 6-Month-Old with Very Cool Features

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

With all my heart, I vote for this amazingly smart 4-in-1 modes all-inclusive baby bathtub! Here is why.

  • Place a soft sling and it will cradle your newborn baby;
  • Place your baby on a baby stopper and it will prevent her from sliding;
  • Use the bath seat support for very active babies;
  • Simply let your baby splash in a roomy baby bathtub.

Apart from this, you get a free squeeze bottle and whale scoop for gentle rinsing or play. What can be better?! Not to mention the special movable hook for easy storage.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

A great and cheaper alternative to the Fisher baby bathtub is Sure. It offers three stages of transition from newborn baby to toddler including a soft mesh sling. And it is offered for a very sweet price.

Product Dimensions: 29.00 x 15.20 x 9.00 inches

Item weight: 3 pounds

Recommended baby weight: 5 – 25 pounds, so it is approximately up to two years of age.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub: Moby 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub

This is an extremely fun, cute, and well-designed comfy baby bathtub built in a form of a whale.

While other bathtubs offer bath seats and slings separately, Moby simply features a smart sling that does all the job alone. It is designed to cradle your baby with double-mesh and comfort edges by using it as

  • An infant sling for newborns;
  • A cushioned seat for supported sitters;
  • A spacious tub for confident sitters.

Everything is cute about this bathtub:

  • It has this nice light-blue color
  • A cute star stopper plug
  • A hidden hook for easy storage

Summer Splish ‘n Splash Newborn to Toddler Tub

Another amazing alternative for you to choose from. This newborn-to-toddler bathtub offers three stages of transition and grows with your baby. It has a mesh sling, baby stopper, reclined support, and enough room to splash and play.

This tub can fit into a full-sized bathtub and single or double sink. And it offers an extra feature for placing clothes and baby care products right next to you.

Product Dimensions: 31.75 x 17.00 x 9.00 inches

PRIMO EuroBath

I find Primo Eurobath is very unique in design. Looking so simple at first glance, it has this anatomical shape with safety supports for legs and arms which prevent your baby from sliding.

Additional cool features:

  • Two compartments for baby care products and toys;
  • A plug to drain the water when done;
  • Optional Folding Bath Stand available;

Recommended age: from birth up to two years of age.

Summer Right Height Bath Tub + Free Stepstool

This Right Height bathtub features newborn support, and clean rinse and drains all at the same time. What’s cool about this bathtub is that you get a free stool with it which

1.     Helps you to raise a tub by adjusting to your height;

2.     The stool can be used as a parent seat while your little one has a splash in a toddler tub, so you don’t bend over the full-sized bath;

3.     Your toddler can use it whether he wants to wash his hands, go to the toilet, or help you cook in the kitchen.

So, basically, this bathtub has everything to be used in a sink, a full-sized bath, or on one of the room floors.

Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower

This is just another cool smart product for your baby. It has an insulated double wall tub that helps to maintain warm water temperature. And it features three main parts:

  • Deluxe newborn sling with a plush bolster that can be used in a sink, infant tub, or adult tub.
  • Motorized water jet that creates bubbles and vibrations.
  • Shower unit that can be removed and used in an adult tub later on.

Spa for a baby? Living in a dream!

Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby Bath

Aquascale has come with another unique feature that is so important for parents who should check and control their baby’s weight at the beginning of her life.

It is a two-stage tub with an infant and toddler position. Plus, it offers a digital scale and a water thermometer.

Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 19.09 x 12.2 inches

Product Weight: 4.84 pounds

Extra: Two AAA batteries

Other Unique Bathtub Designs and Solutions

Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

As mentioned above, this bathtub belongs to a bucket-style tub. Its main goal to ensure your baby is in a seated position at all times and help her to fight with terrible colic pain. It also may be a great solution for babies who cry a lot and refuse to bathe. This type of bathtub can remind them of the womb.

Shnuggle baby tub has a large, warm foam backrest so your baby will stay comfortable during bath time. It also features worry-free, grippe non-slip feet so your infant won’t slip.

Product Weight: 7.3 pounds

Recommended age: up to 12 months.

Blooming Baby Bath

What a fun way to make your baby fall in love with bathing!

Featuring nine different flower designs, this baby bath is a great alternative for traditional baby bathtubs. It is made from polyester plush which is very soft and cuddly and fits in most sink sizes, so your back doesn’t hurt during bath time.

 It is also extremely compact and easy to dry.

Recommended age: from birth up to six months.


Inflatable Bathtub for Babies

I absolutely love this bathtub and find it a great solution to spend sunny days at your backyard.

Weighing two pounds, it is easily portable wherever you go, even camping or staying at your friend’s house. It has a very smart design with a textured bottom that prevents your baby from slipping, but also it has a stopper in the middle of the tub, so no child goes under the water.

This tub is filled with special features and ads-on:

  • Convenient drain plug
  • Attached hook to hang and easy dry
  • Free air pump. Yay!
  • Side pockets for baby care products, towels, and even your personal phone
  • 100% money-back guaranteed and one year warranty is included! What?

Recommended age: up to three years of age.


So, which one did you choose? Leave your comment below!

Would you like to know how to wash your baby without a baby bathtub? It is all here:

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