activity desks for toddlers

Activity Desks For Toddlers and Height Adjustable Kids Desk 2024

Once we all come to the point when our child is ready to have a real toddler’s desk and ergonomic children’s furniture. This is a very important moment for both parents and kids as we move our activities from the floor to a real kids’ desk and chairs. Let’s take a look at the best …

push tricycles and best ride-on toys for toddlers

Push Tricycles & Best Ride-On Toys For Toddlers In 2024

Do you need a push trike? What are the best push tricycles for toddlers? When we think about what the right type of transport for our child is, we typically need to consider the age of the child, everyone’s comfort, and the ultimate goal of what we want to achieve from having this transport. All …

Best ride on toys for toddlers and push toys for 1-year olds

Best Ride On Toys For Toddlers And Push Toys For 1-Year Olds In 2024

While balance bikes are suitable from 18 months up to 6 years of age, there is an absolutely fantastic variety of mini riding toys for infants and push toys for 1-year olds. So, today we discuss the best ride on toys for toddlers. Are ride on toys for one-year olds worth it? Riding toys for …

black and white baby books

Black and White Baby Books: 13 Best Books to Read to Baby in the First Year | Updated 2024

Baby’s colour perception is quite limited at birth. So, the sharp high-contrast colours of black, white and some shades of grey are much easier for newborn babies to see and differentiate while their vision is still blurry.

best books for 2-year-olds

30+ Best Books for 2-Year-Olds and 3-year-olds (24-48) | Updated 2024

Many toddlers find the familiar routine of reading reassuring and calming. When your child reaches two years of age, this is where the whole fun begins. You can enjoy reading, acting, pretending, creating stories with the characters, and even searching for a similar character in other books.

russian children's books

60 + Best Stories for Kids: Where to Buy Russian Children’s Books

It is no secret that there are thousands of Russian-speaking expats and residents living all over the world. Apart from numerous Russian communities, stores with traditional food items, bilingual schools, and children’s centers, some of the items is still a struggle to get. So, today we will speak about how and where you can purchase …

Terrible Threes or How To Handle Terrible 3-Year-Old Tantrums

Terrible Threes or How To Handle Terrible 3-Year-Old Tantrums

Terrible Threes is a term that is used to identify the stage when the child unexpectedly changes the behaviour, throws unexplained terrible 3-year-old tantrums, and becomes less controllable. Indeed, when your child reaches three years of age, he undergoes amazing changes in his development.

benefits of reading to children

13 Benefits of Reading to Children and Toddlers: Age-by-age Guide to Reading to Your Baby

Children who are read to from an early age do better when they get to school. Learning rhymes and stories together will give them a flying start in life! These are the major benefits of reading to children, but there are certainly more that we will disclose in this article.

fun for kids, indoor activities for babies and toddlers

Home Fun For Kids: Indoor Activities For Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

There are these days when you can’t, shouldn’t or simply don’t wish to go out. Would it be rainy, freezing cold outside, your town is on lockdown, you feel unwell or you had a very long weekend: regardless of what reason it is, always remember that staying at home with your family is a lot …

design your home office. Best chairs for posture at home and a complete desk office

The best chairs for posture at home and complete office desk | Design your home office

With the world turning upside down, we have got a new tendency coming – working from home. Inevitably, the best chairs for posture at home and an office desk are must-to-have essentials nowadays. Whether it is challenging or easy enough to work from home, it is for you to decide. Certainly, there are lots of …

An image of a child tracing their hand on a piece of paper with blue paint

How Early Childhood Education Shapes Children’s Lives

Early childhood education is important but do parents realize just how important it is? Today we talk about why it is never too early for parents to think about their child’s education and explain how it shapes every stage of a child’s life and development. Introduction to early childhood education Your child is learning every …

signs of a good nursery

Twelve Tips for Choosing Childcare: Signs of a Good Day Nursery

Childcare is one of the most popular topics nowadays. As parents, we want to provide the best childcare service and find the best caregiver or nursery practitioner for our children. Although there are regulated rules and laws applied to every institution or provider by government, which also varies from country to country, there are far more important factors that every parent has to consider when choosing childcare.

choosing childcare

Choosing Childcare: where to find the right one for my child

This is a sponsored blog post, all opinions are my own. There is always a time when every parent realizes he should let his little baby to the outer world. Choosing childcare is a hugely massive step and decision to take. It creates an absolutely new stage of life for the child: he gets more …

pink speech

Pink’s empowering speech made me confess [watch a video] | Parenthood4ever

“A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable.” /Eileen Caddy/ Entering a living room after putting our little baby for his first short “siesta”, I came to my hubby and gave him a gentle hug. He was watching his Facebook or Instagram. But this time the singer Pink caught my attention. Back in …

Legoland Windsor with kids, best rides and attractions, Deep Sea Adventure

Tips for Legoland Windsor, UK | Weekend in Legoland with toddlers

Once we were invited to visit Legoland Windsor for a birthday party by one of our family friends. We didn’t hesitate for a bit and jumped into researching the deal packages straight away. We have heard a lot about Legoland Windsor rides in the UK and what great fun it was to go to Legoland …

a working mom, lady boss

It is hard being a mom working full-time | A story of my life

To be a mom is a miracle, to be a full-time working mom is a decision. Nothing is easy or comes free. It is hard being a mom. But let me tell you that every stage of our lives is extremely exciting because it is full of advantages as well as disadvantages. We just get …

working from home with toddlers

Working From Home With Toddlers | 19 Tips & Tricks

There are certain advantages to working at the office and working from home. Working at the office allows you to have your own workspace where you can dedicate all the time and focus on the major tasks. Whilst working from home may give you certain flexibility and comfort. You may avoid paying for a ridiculously …

kids reading camping books

Stories About Camping For Kids | Books for 2-3-year-olds and up

We are avid readers. There is no day without a book, and I think I will be right to say that there wasn’t a night in five years that we didn’t read to our child. Check our selection of the best books for 2-3-year-olds. Also, we are camping amateurs. So, that was an obvious choice …

signs of terrible twos

Signs of Terrible Twos and How to Deal with Them

What are the Terrible Twos? What can be so terrible about a two-year-old toddler? While our babies are the cutest and most loving little humans in the world, there are certain stages both, parents and a baby, have to face. This is where signs of terrible twos start to appear. The terrible twos is a …

Children Stages of Development or How To Understand Your Child

Children’s Stages of Development or How To Understand Your Child

Our brain needs 21 to 25 years to get fully developed, and of course, it undergoes lots of challenges. Today we will talk about children’s stages of development and understand more about certain developmental stages of the brain. How is the child’s psyche developed? Let’s start with the neurophysiology of infancy. First of all, children …

Things To Do When Camping | Kids’ Camping Toys & Games

We have never thought that there are so many interesting, fun, and exciting kids’ camping toys, games, and activities out there. But now we love and use some of them especially when we go camping. Besides, there are tons of things to do when camping too. Just too much to enjoy and sometimes there is …

benefits of nursery and playgroup

Benefits of Nursery: Eleven Important Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To a Nursery Or Playgroup

A study carried out by the University of London showed that children who had spent three years or more in nursery education could advance their academic attainment by up to a year over those whose parents kept them at home until the age of five. Find out why it is a good idea to send your child to a nursery or playgroup.

how to teach a child to swim, ages 0-6. Swimming lesson ideas

How to teach a child to swim (Ages 0 – 6) | Swimming lesson ideas + videos

“Studies show that the best time for a child to start learning swim basics is between the ages of one and four.” How to teach a child to swim? Teaching kids swimming is all about getting it natural in a playful form, with swimming lesson ideas in mind. Whilst I have a superpower with presenting …

raising trilingual children

Raising trilingual children in a multilingual family

Is raising child bilingual or trilingual for life even possible? My first son is trilingual. His first words were at the age of 8 months. He started to speak Russian, Spanish, and English when he was two and a half years old. Currently, we are raising trilingual children with an aim that these three languages …

how to raise a bilingual child

Bilingual parents raising bilingual children | How?

How to raise bilingual children…Trilingual or multilingual? After we moved to the UK, we found out that one of the biggest problems of most bilingual parents in the UK is that their children speak English and refuses to use their parents’ mother tongue. Well, this makes sense if your child is being raised in English-based …

An Ultimate Guide to the Best Toddler Bikes and the Best Ride On Toys for Toddlers

It is extremely overwhelming to pick the best toddler bike. So, what are the best ride on toys for toddlers? Shall you choose a balance bike over a push trike? How do balance bikes work? What types of transport are there and what age are they designed for? We will answer all of these questions today and give you a better understanding of what transport type is better for your child.

tips for biking with kids

10 tips for making the most of your biking with kids

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to spend time with your kids, consider going on a biking adventure! Biking with kids is a great way to explore new areas, get some exercise, and have fun. However, if you want to make the most of your biking with kids’ adventure, there are a …

All you should know about childcare options in London

Following the article about children’s centres and the best free baby activities in London, one of the most important topics for young working parents remains childcare. I will be honest with you straight away, people do not lie, it is rather expensive, but it is not impossible. There is a variety of childcare options in …

baby activities in London

The Ultimate Guide To Children’s Centres And The Best Free Baby Activities In London

Until today there are two things about England, London in particular, that amaze me: things to do in London with kids and the health system. In this article, I would like to share my experience with childcare, children’s center activities, children libraries, funfairs, leisure centers for babies, and baby activities in London: all for free! …

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